Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

I had the pleasure of speaking about Leadership with Jim Zelem, creator of the “You Are Just a Number” podcast. (Link can be found to his podcast page here). We discussed quite a few things namely, my creation of this blog and the importance of making an impact in healthcare, even if you don’t have a “leadership” or “managerial” title.

Aside from being interviewed, this experience further solidified my goal through this blogsite. I want this to provide an opportunity for others to see and challenge how they can apply their experience in healthcare through different avenues. Think about what the future of healthcare is going to do to your role? How will you remain a competitive employee in a world where process automation is becoming the norm? I challenged myself by enrolling in a boot camp that teaches data analytics using Python. I did this because I see how traditional HIM roles are changing. Even now, AHIMA is implementing a change to the RHIA certification come March 2021 because, we as HIM professionals more than ever, are needed to be masters of health data.

I hope you find this interview insightful and encouraging!

Happy New Year!