Projects Overview

Here is a list of some of the projects I completed while I was enrolled through the “Practicum by Yandex-Data Analyst” Program.

  1. Jupyter Notebook
  2. Tableau Visualizations

Jupyter Notebook

Completing an A/B Test with incomplete data

Tableau Dashboard showing data
  • Describe the number of users who performed different stages of the funnel
  • Filter out users from one of the two test groups to evaluate user behavior
  • conduct Z-Test to check statistical difference between users at different stages of the funnel
  • Libraries: pandas, scipy, matplotlib
  • Key Words: A/B Test, Payment Funnel
  • Tableau Dashboard of User Behavior

Marketing Cohort Analysis

Retention rate over time
  • Evaluate when users return to make purchases by evaluating vanity metrics
  • Calculated retention rate over time and performed cohort analysis
  • Provide a needs analysis plan for marketing team to retain customers
  • Libraries: pandas, matplotlib, numby, seaborn
  • Key Words: Cohort Sales Analysis, ROMI, CAC, LTV

Customer Analysis for Food Products Startup

  • Evaluate when users access different funnels
  • Identify issues related to data reflecting drastic changes in user behavior over time
  • perform A/A analysis of control groups to identify statistical significance
  • Libraries: pandas, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, seaborn
  • Key Words: A/A Testing, sales funnel

Telecommunications plan analysis

  • Evaluate user behavior for each plan related to data usage
  • Devise a plan on how to attract users to generate more revenue
  • Perform hypothesis testing to evaluate if profit differs for each plan
  • Libraries: pandas, numpy, matplotlib, scipy
  • Key Words: time series analysis, T-Test

Tableau Visualizations